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Workplace Based Earnings

Data on earnings is drawn from the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (ASHE) which is based on a sample of 1% of all employee jobs drawn from HMRC PAYE records. The dataset is split between residents and workplace based earnings.

Line graph shows the trends over time. Use the geography filters to compare different areas. View either hourly, weekly or annual earnings using the filters. Breakdown by gender and full time or part time can be carried out using the filters. Right click the graph to show underlying data. Click to slide 2 for a map of Devon.

About the data

Average workplace earnings in Devon are below the national average at £25,936 per annum. These lower incomes are broadly reflective of the high rates of employment in sectors with lower pay such as Retail, Health and Tourism. Only Exeter has workplace earnings close to the national average and weekly earnings for employees in Torridge are some of the lowest in the country. This disparity between districts is key to not only commuting patterns but also to relative income and reflects the quality of jobs available in an area.

Last Updated: October 2018