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Gross Disposable Household Income

Gross disposable household income is estimated by subtracting taxes, benefits and other current transfers from household income generated from employment and assets. Estimates do not correct for inflation.

Line graph shows the trends over time. Use the geography filters to compare different areas and the date filters to change the range. Right click the graph to show underlying data.

About the data

Gross disposable household income (GDHI) is almost identical to the national and regional average indicating that standard of living in Devon is similar to the national average. A higher disposable income generates a greater level of demand in the local economy.

Over the past few years GDHI has been increasing at a steady rate and this is most likely attributable to either a falling cost of living and or rising earnings. A large retired population with earnings from private investment helps to support the level of GDHI and increases spend in the local economy.

Last Updated: August 2018