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Unemployment in Devon is below national and regional levels at 2.4%. Employment in Devon is correspondingly higher than the national average, currently 79.2% compared to 75.1% nationally. 81.4% of the working age population in Devon is economically active compared to 78.5% nationally. The Claimant Count of all those claiming out of work benefits stands at 1.2% in Devon, half the level of the national average.

At a district level Exeter and East Devon have the lowest claimant count at 1%, with Torridge the most at 1.8%. Exeter has the highest number of claimants at around 885 and West Devon the least at around 365. The largest employer in Devon is the retail industry with 56,000 employees, followed by health with 42,000, and accommodation & food with 36,000. 18.6% of the labour force is self-employed, compared to 14.1% nationally.

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