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Employment by Sector

Information on Employment is drawn from the Annual Population Survey and Labour Force Survey which is carried out on 320,000 respondents across the UK.

Line graph shows the trends over time. Use the slider to change the date range and the geography filters to compare different areas. View either count or percentage using the filters to enable quantitative or proportional comparisons. Breakdown by gender and other variables can be carried out using the filters. Right click the graph to show underlying data. Click to slide 2 for a map of Devon.

About the data

Devon’s employment is weighted towards the Retail, Tourism and Health sectors, between them accounting for almost 42% of employment in the county. However, these sectors are traditionally less productive and the high employment in these industries partially explains the productivity gap Devon faces.

The more productive sectors such as Finance & Insurance Activities and Professional, Scientific & Technical Activities are only 1.6% and 6.2% of total employment in the county, which is far less than what the national averages for these sectors are.

Percentage values may not add to 100, due to the data being from a survey. Rounding and low confidence in areas with a small sample may skew the data.

Last Updated: March 2019