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The information has been produced by the ESFA for the last three years and is collated from data that is gathered directly. The data shows the total amount of people on apprenticeship and training programmes in the Heart of the South West Local Enterprise Partnership geography (Devon, Somerset, Plymouth, Torbay) alongside their subject area.

Column chart shows the different apprenticeship learners across local geographies and divided by subject area. Use the geography filter to choose area. Use the subject filter to see specific details. Use the variable filter to choose between starts and achievements: note that apprenticeship programmes run for different lengths of time so it is not possible to directly compare achievers with starts. Right click the graph to show underlying data. Click to slide 2 for a map of Devon.

About the data

After a steady rise in apprenticeship starts up until 2016/17 to 7514, Devon saw a fall in 2017/18 to 5779. This trend was mimicked in the three other areas that make up the Heart of the South West Local Enterprise Partnership (Devon, Somerset, Plymouth and Torbay).

The sector with strongest growth was Information and Communication Technologies which saw an increase of over 100% to 200 starts. Devon did not have any Science and Mathematics starts in 2017/18. Due to different programme lengths achievements (those completing their apprenticeship programme) cannot directly link to starts. Despite the significant fall in starts, achievements rose from 2016/17 to 2017/18 to 4823. The slowdown in the number of people starting apprenticeships is a worry as the skills hap in Devon still needs to be addressed.

Last Updated: May 2019